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Ripstik Caster Board

Ripstick goes by many names: Ripstik (official name), Ripstick Skateboard, Ripstick Caster Board, Razor Ripstik, or Rip Stick.

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RipStick Skateboard

The RipStick (RipStik) is like nothing you've ever ridden before!  Part skateboard, part snowboard, and part surfing all in one.

Your motion makes the Ripstick go.  You do not need to kick your feet like a skateboard.  Twist back and forth to make it go.

The RipStick is on caster wheels that can rotate in all directions.  The board itself, is flexible and is propelled by your movements.

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Several different colors are available:

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Silver- The Silver Ripstick is one of the most popular Ripsticks. This Ripstick has had different upgrades throughout the years, the first year it was heavier and this year it is a little lighter and more portable.  This is most purchased Ripstick color.

Green- These Ripsticks is dark green and are another popular Ripstick color along with Silver and Pink. Green Ripsticks are the 2nd most popular color we have sold.  Many people enjoy having this Ripstik. Be bold and daring with the color green. This is a very good color choice for any Ripstik rider.

Read our article on how to ride a Ripstick in 30 minutes or less.

Pink- Femme it up with the pink Ripstik. Just as fast as the others so you can catch up with the guys on your new Ripstik! Be cool with hot pink and show off to the other guys. This is one of the only colors specifically made for girls, and young women.


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